Lucky Friday the 13th

Date Posted:12 October 2017 

One Day Sale - 10% Off Storewide

Ever been cautioned never to walk under a ladder, break a mirror or sign anything on a Friday?

Ever seen a black cat walk across your path and think 'well this day is about to get a whole lot worse'?

Friday the 13th generally only occurs twice a year which some still consider to be an 'unlucky' or 'bad omen' day.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, October 2017 so we want to inject some good luck & happiness into your day by offering 10% off storewide.

Stock up on client gifts, get in early for Christmas or even just treat yourself because Friday the 13th can be lucky for some! 

One day only sale begins 12:01AM AEST 13/10/2017 & ends 11:59PM AEST 13/10/2017 - Lucky Friday the 13th! 


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