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Date Posted:16 February 2024 

Here a few features we can offer and steps to take to create and order your perfectly unique gift box or hamper today

Want to create your own design and ideas for your settlement gifts and corporate needs?

Here a few features we can offer and steps to take to create and order your perfectly unique gift box or hamper today:

  1.  Use our webstore as an online catalogue/starting point, to the general styles, products and gifting options we have to offer and think about how you would like to incorporate your ideas to our gifting options.
  2. Think about the style of hamper you want to give to your clients and choose either a 'wow' presentation, cello wrapped gift basket style or a sleek/corporate/easy to manage and store gift boxed look (enclosed gift).
  3. Choose the alcohol you would like to include and select your wine type (red, white or sparkling), beer, spirit or alternatively go for a non alcoholic gift. Please note here that ongoing handover packs can be altered for your varied clients and not always set combinations. If you have one client that drinks beer and one that loves a merlot, we tailor each gift to suit these requirements - it's a matter of taste.
  4. Select your budget for our team to work with and we can guide you as to the content that is possible to design around your above choices. For a full gift box or basket, our hampers generally start around the $60 mark. The current 2024 trend for gift giving is around the $80-100 mark as a very generalised guide.
  5. If you have any corporate branded merchandise you’d like to include (i.e. promo hats, pens, calendars, candles etc), we are happy to hold stock for you and include with each order to your gift at no additional charge. We will indicate when your stocked merchandise is running low to re-stock for an easy and smooth ongoing system.
  6. The ordering process with Gift Box Gallery is flexible to your personal preference – We accept orders by email, online or by phone (text or call). Online ordering provides immediate tax invoices and logs all previous orders which is great for individual orders but customisation is limited. For larger and custom orders, email is the preferred method as you will receive a personalised confirmation response email and can tailor specifics that online ordering cannot.
  7. Order collection or delivery to your office or personal address - We offer a click and collect from store option as well as $15 flat rate delivery on the Gold Coast. Free delivery applies to all corporate orders over $1000 and/or volume of 10+ gifts ordered to the one Gold Coast location. Same day order collection and next day delivery only applies to 1-2 hampers. For orders of 3+, we will require a greater lead time to create and deliver.
  8. For the final personalised touch, we offer a free corporate service in theming in your Company Brand colours scheme to your gifts and include a personalised logo gift card to your gift. When ordering online, please write in the special instructions at checkout if you would like this feature to be applied to your selected gift. 

Want to know more? Enquire today to or call 1300 726 946 

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