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"Baileys Naughty & Nice"

  • One bottle of Baileys Irish Cream 700ml
  • Cherry Liqueurs Coated in Dark Chocolate 250g
  • Nonna's Classic Rumballs x 6 - Made with real rum & rich dark chocolate
  • Ogilvie & Co. Orange Cointreau Cake 80g - packed full of oranges with a splash of Cointreau 
  • Ogilvie & Co. Butter Shortbread Biscuits 75g
  • Christmas Freckles Galore 150g - 18 piece gift box with creamy milk chocolate Freckles and Mini Gems topped with Christmassy hundreds and thousands
  • White Chocolate Snowy Road 120g 
  • Maca Chino – Macadamia Coffee Truffles (4) 55g
  • Byron Bay Caramel Fudge 40g 
  • The Laughing Pug Coffee Company - Orginal Single Drip Coffee Sachets 14g x 2 (no plunger required)
  • Tielka - Limonada Rosa Herbal Tea Pyramid Infuser Box (12)
  • Story Book Cakes Turkish Delight Chocolate Cake in A Mug Mix 80g - A decadent, rich chocolate mud cake with a delicate undertone of Turkish Delight in one minute. This warm & fudgy dessert is pure indulgence. 
  • Ritter Sport Raisin Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Block 100g
  • Ritter Sport Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts 100g
  • Darrell Lea Mega Minty Moments 185g - Smooth milk chocolate centre with crunchy mint shell 
  • Festive scattering of solid milk chocolate Christmas baubles 42g
  • Presented in a high class, large, white gift box with fold over windowed lid 
  • Lavishly ribboned and trimmed to make a stunning Christmas presentation gift box
  • Season's Greetings Christmas Gift Card